As mineral makeup experts, we have heard a myth or two in our time about the benefits of mineral cosmetics.

With so much misinformation out there, we have decided to end the confusion and bust some of the most common myths about mineral makeup products.

MYTH #1 - Mineral makeup will make my skin look powdery

This is one of the most common mineral makeup myths we hear and it is completely untrue.

Due to the fine milling process, mineral makeup products are designed to blend effortlessly into the skin, avoiding any powdery finish. Unlike other makeup products, mineral makeup blends seamlessly into your skin rather than sitting on top, giving you a dewy and natural look.

MYTH #2 - Mineral makeup has no coverage

There is speculation that mineral makeup, while packed with skincare benefits, does not offer the coverage of traditional makeup products. This is another myth that is not true.

The benefit of mineral makeup is that it offers a buildable coverage to help you achieve your perfect look.

The Cozmetic Lab mineral foundation has been designed with a sheer to medium coverage that allows you to blur the appearance of fine lines, pores and blemishes.

MYTH #3 - Mineral makeup isn’t good for dry skin

Mineral makeup is safe for all skin types - even dry skin.

The minerals are so finely milled that mineral products blend into the skin rather than sitting on top. If you do have dry skin, we recommend prepping the skin with a light mist, the Cozmetic Lab Hydrating Mist is perfect for this. Loaded with skincare benefits, the Hydrating Mist will help create a flawless, almost liquid finish, completely changing the way you think about mineral products.

MYTH #4 - Mineral makeup isn’t good for mature skin

This is another myth that we hear all the time and it’s time for the truth to come out - mineral makeup is perfect for mature skin!

As our skin ages, it can change dramatically. Whether your skin becomes sensitive or starts reacting differently to your regular routine, mineral makeup is designed to be gentle enough for all skin types - a true extension of your skincare routine.

If it is fine lines you are worried about, mineral makeup has you covered. With light reflecting pigments, mineral makeup will make sure you are confident in your skin and leave you with a natural and youthful glow.

The Cozmetic Lab mineral blush is the perfect way to add some extra glow to your routine.