Cozmetic Lab


Founded in Australia in 2005, Cozmetic Lab was established with the skincare and beauty industry in mind. While mineral makeup had been around for decades, it was predominately used within skin clinics post treatment to assist clients with the healing and recovery process, it also allowed them to step out feeling confident and beautiful.

 With that in mind and the increasing demand for the health and lifestyle conscience society, Cozmetic Lab was born. The need for an alternative mineral makeup that is delivering a high quality luxury formula from the purest ingredients available.

 Cozmetic Lab is still used in skin clinics but is also available to you.



At Cozmetic Lab we pride ourselves on offering a healthy, skin-friendly and cruelty free mineral makeup that your skin will love. We are 100% committed to fulfilling the desire of looking good and feeling good without compromise by providing cosmetics that are both diverse in range and of the highest quality. We truly believe that "less is more" and that is applied to our ingredients lists as well as finish application.




Delivering a range of cosmetic products that are formulated without unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives. Our makeup is talc free, paraben free and fragrance free allowing us to deliver the best quality luxury makeup.
Providing simple products that are suitable for all skin types and conditions, with the use of pure mineral pigments and quality ingredients in all our products.




From the moment you apply our products you will notice the incredibly silky, lightweight and natural feel you can only get from our superior formulas. Allowing your skin to breathe it won't block your pores or cause irritation.
With our flawless coverage you will feel like you are wearing no makeup at all, creating the best version of you.

Discover the best version of you.