How Do I Pick My Shade Of Foundation? 

With 13 shades of Loose Mineral Foundation to choose from there is a perfect match for everyone.

We have made this selection even easier with our Foundation Shade Finder a quick 2 question quiz or our Foundation Colour Chart. Simply select you’re the shade which best corresponds with your skin tone. 

If you are still having difficulty deciding which shade would suit you best we offer a Personalised Colour Matching service, where a colour match can be done on your behalf by one of our in-house colour matching specialists.

Is Mineral Makeup Good For Oily Skin? 

Yes, mineral makeup is actually good for all skin types including oily skin. The natural minerals absorb your skins natural oils leaving a dewy non-powdery finish. 

While mineral foundations have luminous finish due to the soft-focus minerals contained in the formula you can still achieve a more matte finish if you prefer by using our Mattifying Veil translucent powder. This can be applied prior to the loose mineral foundation or post application to assist with oil absorption or to subdue the luminous finish of the foundation. 

Is Mineral Makeup Good For Sensitive Skin? 

Yes, as our mineral makeup is free of talc, parabens, fillers, fragrances and other artificial ingredients this makes it the best choice for sensitive skin especially those suffering from acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis as it is hypoallergenic. 

As our Loose Mineral Foundation has been designed with skin clinics in mind the light weight buildable coverage won’t block or congest pores but will assist with nourishing and healing process while you wear it. The ingredients also help to diminish redness and inflammation in the skin making it a makeup your skin will love to wear. 

Can I Wear Mineral Makeup Every Day? 

Definitely, due to the pure natural ingredients used in mineral makeup formulation it is suitable for everyday wear. As there are only 5 simple ingredients in our Loose Mineral Foundation and no unnecessary nasty artificial ingredients it won’t congest or block your pores, mineral makeup  also acts more like a veil that sits onto of your skin and is actually good enough to sleep with on your skin. 

While we do recommend using a regular good quality skincare routine we can honestly say that if you have that occasional slip up where you don’t it won’t harm your skin. 

How Do I Apply Loose Mineral Foundation? 

Loose Mineral Foundation is simple and easy to apply. While it can take some getting use to especially if you have been using a liquid foundation for some time, you will definitely get the hang of it after a couple of goes and a few simple steps. 

  1. Start by cleansing and moisturising your face, as this will give you a smooth hydrated surface to work with. Allow your moisturiser to absorb into the skin.
  2. Gently peel off the protective cover from your foundation sifter. Twist the sifter cover closed until there is only 1/3 of the sifter holes visible.
  3. Tap a small amount of Loose Mineral Foundation into the lid, and when we say small amount we mean the size of 5 cent piece. Remember less is more with product application.
  4. Swirl your Kabuki brush into the lid gathering the Loose Mineral Foundation, then gently tap off any excess back into lid.
  5. Using light strokes apply the foundation to the face and finish with a gentle buffing motion. (By brushing the mineral foundation using strokes this allows you to create a light veil and expands the compound evenly over the surface of the skin, while the buffing combines it with the natural oils of the skin creating a more even and flawless complexion.)
  6. If you are wanting a fuller coverage or require some additional concealing you can use a dry Beauty Blender Sponge to apply the foundation. Simply use the wider base for an all-over fuller coverage or for around eye areas use the pointed end using a stippling motion.
  7. Once you have achieved your desired makeup look finish off by lightly spraying Hydrating Mist face spray, this will help bind the mineral makeup as well as hydrate the skin turning it into a liquid like look and feel. 

Why Is Mineral Makeup So Messy? 

As mineral makeup is made up of finally milled minerals making them soft and light weight to work with, therefore we recommend using small amounts to build with as well as tapping off any excess that has not been captured by the brush hairs. 

This method is applied to all loose mineral makeup.

Will Mineral Makeup Last All Day? 

The natural elements of which mineral makeup is made up of creating a veil on the skin which works with your skin and its natural oils, giving it a wear time of 10-12 hours. If you have slightly oilier skin, we recommend using Mattifying Veil to further assist with absorption of the skins oils. 

Can I Use My Liquid Concealer With Loose Mineral Foundation? 

Liquid concealers or primers should be used prior to the application of Loose Mineral Foundation. If you prefer using a liquid concealer in the under-eye area we recommend finishing with a light stippling of Mattifying Veil using a Beauty Blender Sponge, as this will set and brighten the area while protecting it from UV rays. 

Does Mineral Makeup Have Sunblock? 

The advantage of using our Loose Mineral Foundation is that it’s two main ingredients: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have natural sunscreen properties which are suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. 

They are also anti-inflammatory which have a calming and soothing effect on the skin. 

Is Mineral Foundation Good For Mature Skin? 

While achieving a natural looking makeup is greatly based on the condition of our skin and things such as genetics’, environmental effects and age can play a big role, there are simple steps to take to achieving a no makeup look and the main is choosing the right product for you. 

Loose Mineral Foundation contains soft focus minerals that minimise the appearance of fine lines and Green Tea Extract super power which helps diminish the signs of aging, evens out discoloration, soothes redness and repairs damaged skin. 

If you find that your powder foundation is accentuating your lines, we recommend starting with a good quality moisturizer or primer to assist with a smoother application and finishing of with a light spray of our Hydrating Mist face spray which will bind and hydrate your over all look. 

How Many Wears Will I Get From My Loose Mineral Foundation? 

This will greatly depend on such things as how often you use the product and how much product you use to build coverage. As Loose Mineral Foundation application delivers best results with the less is more approach, we find that even when used on a daily basis with a two-layer coverage it will last 2-3 months. If used on occasion than a longer period of 6-12 months can be seen. 

Don’t forget as mineral foundation is an inert organic product which doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients it will never go bad, unlike liquid foundations but we do recommend replacing your foundation after a 24-month period.