Making the swap to mineral makeup may be a little nerve racking, and we get it! You’re used to your liquid, it’s what you know and love, but we’re here to make the decision that much easier…

Product longevity

Designed in a hygienic casing, our range works to provide you with the perfect amount of product, ensuring nothing goes to waste. When it comes to mineral, a little goes a long way, making mineral makeup cost-effective and worthwhile. 

Powders be gone! 

While mineral isn’t a liquid, it’s also not a powder - which is a common misconception about the product. With high quality finely milled ingredients, your skin is left nourished, hydrated and glowy. 

Makeup that acts like skincare

Unlike liquid cosmetics, mineral makeup doesn’t sit on top of the skin. With incredible natural ingredients such as mica, green tea extract and titanium dioxide, our range works with your skincare to support skin health. No more worrying about clogging, our formulas are breathable, and perfect for post-treatments such as facials and dermablading. 

Hello convenience!

Swipe on before heading to the gym, and then build your coverage as you head into work! A mineral range works with your lifestyle. Swipe on the go or take some time to build an evening date-night look. 

No more oxidising ❌

Select your shade and your skin will be enhanced - not masked. Mineral makeup has antioxidant properties infused in lightweight ingredients, meaning you won’t end the day with a different skin tone due to oxidisation. Mineral is breathable, and maintains its original tone. 


We know a lot of liquid products have SPF, but these tend to be thicker and often leave you with a white wash. Our mineral foundation has its own built-in SPF, that won’t clog, leave a flashback, or feel heavy. 

So go on, take the leap!